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Everyone member of the Faught Marketing team follows the same principles in their approach to work:
Put clients first
Your satisfaction is our #1 priority
We work diligently and quickly, always delivering on time
Go above and beyond
There’s no request too big or too small
look after family
That includes our partners, who become a part of our family


Now more than ever you need a game plan in order to navigate the world we live in. Getting attention is hard, but it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to your business.

Faught Marketing works with you to "reverse engineer" your online goals, developing a strategy with the content necessary to achieve them. We also help research your target audience to ensure you get in front of them on the right platforms.


The higher quality your content, the greater your growth potential. Today, staying relevant in your industry means regularly producing grade-A content that brings your vision into reality.

Faught Marketing provides its clients with premium photography, videography, and graphic design to do exactly that. We help you tell your story in an authentic way, producing it in a high-quality format that communicates reliability and professionalism.


The phone is like the remote control of our society: it determines the fate of entire organizations. Failing to understand the various mobile platforms and formats digital content streams to will get you "turned off."

We not only understand the nuances and requirements of these various online platforms, we also help you create content with them in mind. When should you do a Facebook Live? Instagram Story? YouTube video? Each has its own place, and we help our clients plan accordingly.


Consistency is key when it comes to online media, and we can only be in so many places at once! To help clients stay out in front of their customers, Faught Marketing coaches them on how to use digital advertising to leverage their brand.

We want to make sure you build on momentum we help generate, so we will teach you things like how to record your own content, how to use the various social media platforms, and how to take advantage of their many features.

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